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    69 products


    FL Watch offers you a large collection of Wooden Bracelets for Men and Women suitable for all styles. Every detail of our Wooden Bracelets is thought and designed for your style and with unique materials such as Natural Stone , Steel or even Wood With various species such as Ebony Wood , Sandalwood Zebra Wood or even the Bamboo Wood . This fine jewelry is a must have for any man and woman who wants to stand out. It will sublimate your wrist at all times.

    Find without further delay our complete collection of Wood Bracelets


    Coveted for its exotic-colored fragrance and for its natural virtues. Reddish in color, the Sandalwood Bracelets is undoubtedly a bestseller among our collection. It was designed for the Man who wishes to highlight their Authenticity and their Uniqueness . A true Timeless accessory, the Sandalwood Bracelet will continue to accompany Men everywhere. In addition, thanks to the Adjustment Kit supplied with it, it is easily adjustable by yourself or in a jewelry store, thanks to Its Innovative Mesh System . Your Wooden Bracelet will therefore adapt very easily to your Wrist circumference.


    Ebony wood is coveted for its color ranging from black to brown, for its unrivaled Robustness and its unparalleled and worked finishes. The dark color of Ebony Wood has the advantage of being discreet and refined at the same time. Reflection of your personality, the Ebony Wood Bracelet will be the ideal accessory and accompany you everywhere.


    For some time now, Men have been snapping up these Wooden Bracelet . Now anchored in our dress style, they allow us to choose and find our style. Whether it is casual or rather formal , the Wooden bracelet , due to the choice of color or material, will always be accompanied every style and every man.

    Our Wooden Bracelets have the advantage of being more eco-responsible than any other leather or rubber bracelets. No chemical agents are used for Our Wooden Bracelet . Neither silicone nor plastic, only Wood and Natural Stone features Our Bracelet and they are treated with beeswax.


    It is true that finding the perfect gift for someone dear to us, whether for Christmas, for their birthday or even for Valentine's Day, is complicated and often tricky. The Wooden Bracelet is therefore undoubtedly the gift idea par excellence. Handmade and finely crafted jewelry is a personal gift that has always had its effect. You will touch at cost on the memory of the person who is dear to you.

    In addition, Our Wooden Bracelets goes perfectly with Our Wooden Watches . So you can also easily find the box that is sure to please someone dear to your heart.

    For Men, we can also offer you another even more original and personal gift idea. The Wooden bow ties are, by far, the accessories of the moment. There is no gift more original and unique than our FL Watch Wooden Bow Tie