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    34 products


    FL Watch offers you a large Collection of Men's Wooden Bow Ties suitable for all styles. Every detail of our Wooden bow ties , from the shape to style through innovation , has been carefully thought out by our designers and meticulously handcrafted by our experts French Craftsmen to offer you a natural setting around your neck with these Unique Pieces that looks like you . Opt for a Wooden Bow Tie FL Watch and attract all eyes by making speak your authenticity. Whatever you are looking for, there will always be a FL Watch Wood Bow Tie that suits you, then take your pick.


    In order to match each person and each style, we have decided to create several collections of Wooden bow ties . One of them is the Openwork Collection . Unique in its kind, this collection offers Wooden bow ties splendid hand-cut with an exceptional design. Enough to guarantee you a unique and authentic look.

    In order to perfect your style, we also offer boxes combining elegance and chic composed of a Wooden bow tie , wooden cufflinks, as well as a brooch in wood and a pouch. Something to dazzle your guests.

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    The second collection is that of Embossed Wood Bow Ties . A Collection very appreciated by our customers because very appreciable to the eye and very refined. And rightly so, this feat of giving shape to our Wooden Bow Tie is a complex task that our Craftsmen carry out to perfection.

    So be sure to attract all eyes on you. Dare to be authentic and stand out from the crowd.

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    The quality of our products is a priority at FL Watch. Each of our Men's Wooden Bow Ties has been meticulously crafted to achieve an unparalleled level of finish down to the smallest detail. Each curve, each pattern, each sculpture of our Wooden bow ties embody the know-how of our craftsmen to perfection. Their great experience in this field allows them to bring solidity and longevity to our bow ties, designed with originality, elegance and finesse by our designers.

    Our Collection of Patterned Wooden Bow Ties has been crafted to meet every style, every man . Wood is a very easy material to work with. We took the opportunity to give it that little personal touch that suits you so well. All our Wooden bow ties have a 24 month warranty . They have nothing to envy of big brands as much for their personality as for their quality. They are true Fashion Accessories timeless which reflect the latest trends and which will last over time.

    You are bound to find a Wooden Bow Tie that will match your style. Go do not wait any longer, come and select yours.

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    Because fashion has survived the ages and is part of customs, FL Watch also thinks of the purist and offers you a Unique Collection that will make you go back and relive the good times of Knots -butterfly . The Classic Collection

    What could be better than wood for an exceptional return to the source. Bow ties have also survived through the ages and we have remained an icon and an essential accessory of trendy evenings.

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    Each of our Wooden Bow Tie Collection offers you the opportunity to purchase one of our unique boxes . You will find a Wooden bow tie , wooden cufflinks , a wooden brooch as well, as well as a clutch bag. You have an evening, a wedding or a Gala, ...

    FL Watch takes care of everything, you just have to put on your 31.