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      Posted: March 20, 2021
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Iceland is a small piece of land with just over 300,000 inhabitants, most of whom reside in the capital, Reykjavik. The rest of the population left to isolate themselves in small villages bordering the coast. Whatever your travel desires, your preferences or your affinities, the Icelandic landscape offers a lot of varied landscapes and allows countless possibilities of discovery. You will be able to enjoy sites such as the Skogar Waterfalls, Blue Lagoon, the Black Beachs of Vik and many others. Sites all known and recognized around the world. Iceland is also ideally placed on the globe. It is located at the limit of the polar circle, which allows us (among other things) to observe exceptional natural phenomena such as the northern lights.

Iceland is full of breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary natural phenomena. A must-see destination on your journey. 


Breathtaking landscapes and activities

Iceland is nature in its raw state. An astonishing and surprising mixture between fire and ice. Indeed, glaciers cover 11% of Icelandic territory and there are nearly 300 volcanoes. It is therefore easy to observe volcanoes, lava fields, geothermal sources, glaciers, a frozen lake or even large black sand beaches.

Sites, that's not what is lacking in Iceland. We have already seen Blue Laggon a relaxing, unmissable and almost obligatory place during your stay in Iceland or the Skodar Waterfalls, a magical spectacle to be observed. But many other equally sumptuous sites must be, in my opinion, a compulsory passage during his stay in Iceland.

The glacial lake of Jökulsárlón: We see blocks of ice breaking away from the glacier and crashing into the lake to gently reach the ocean. A show of strength and power that mother nature offers us. Even if this phenomenon has worsened and amplified with global warming.

Lake Mývatn region: This region is located northeast of Reykjavik and close to the Krafla volcano. A place with geological properties and diverse and varied wild flora. What makes this region one of the most visited in the country. It is also here that you can discover the geothermal area of ​​Hverir. A hallucinating place where you can observe hot springs and fumaroles.

Dettifoss Falls: These falls are located in the north of Iceland. They peak at 44 meters in height and are the most powerful in Europe. An impressive sight to see absolutely.

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Also known as miniature Iceland. And rightly so, because there is a large majority of the Icelandic landscape: Glaciers, Volcanoes, Fjords, ... You will also find small fishing villages like Arnarstapi.

Iceland is also a gigantic natural playground where you can enjoy unique activities that you cannot do anywhere else. Two of them are ice trakking and snorkeling.

Ice trakking will allow you to discover steep reliefs and unique landscapes by traversing them through crevasses or gigantic ice caves. The best-known glacier for this activity is the Vatnajökull glacier. An ice monster that you will have to tame to take advantage of its many riches.

Finally the Snorkeling in Silfra. An equally exceptional activity, which will allow you to dive into crystal clear waters and observe an impressive seascape. Silfra is a site where the fissure that separates the European continent from the American continent is located. As impressive as it is astounding, the clear water lets you glimpse landscapes 30 to 40 meters deep as the water is transparent. An activity not to be missed if you are not afraid of facing freezing water close to 2 to 3 ° C.


Observe the Northern Lights

If there is one thing to do during your stay in Iceland, it is obviously to observe this fabulous phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. The ideal period to observe them is from October to March, although they can be observed from the end of August if the weather allows it and it is dark enough.

To observe an aurora borealis, three factors must be respected: Solar activity, weather and light pollution. This phenomenon occurs during a solar flare, so it is important to check the forecast of solar activity beforehand. Then, it is just as important that the time is right. As with stargazing, if the sky is overcast it is very difficult to see anything in the sky. Finally, light pollution is a factor that will prevent you from seeing even the slightest northern lights. It is therefore advisable to stay away from towns or villages.

When these three parameters come together, all you have to do is wait for the aurora borealis to appear. This can take a long time, so you will need to be patient. But the game is worth the candle.

Here is a quick and brief summary of Icelandic activities and landscapes. You can also live the Icelandic adventure on video with us just here.


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