Escape to Mozambique

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       Posted: February 07, 2021
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A postcard decor, long white sand beaches, shaded by coconut palms ... Mozambique is a heavenly place where dreams and admiration are allowed. Mozambique also has that little spark that other dream destinations do not have; Adventure.

Mozambique is relatively unknown to foreign tourists. And rightly so, in 1992 this former Portuguese colony, a Portuguese-speaking enclave, had just emerged from a civil war that had lasted 16 years. Mozambique is gradually rebuilding this and then begins to welcome new tourists who see enormous potential and a new adventure to live and share.


If Mozambique is well known and prized for its endless beaches of breathtaking beauty, its islands have nothing to envy them. On the Bazaruto archipelago, it is good to observe the waters oscillating between turquoise blue and emerald green. An incredible spectacle that we can contemplate from the dunes overlooking them. Ilha de Moçambique, a little further north, is the crossroads of Bantu, Arab, Indian and European civilizations. Its villages with equally magnificent cobbled streets invite you to dream and wander.


Mozambique offers two faces to its tourists. On the one hand, the south of the country, where the capital Maputo is located. Modern, active city with booming infrastructure. The majority of the country's wealth is concentrated there. On the other hand, the poorer, underdeveloped and less visited North. A much wilder land where you will live experiences and adventures.

Mozambique is an opportunity to discover varied landscapes: red earth, bush, huts, traditional villages and colorful markets. An extraordinary trip to a very smiling people, still unaccustomed to mass tourism.


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