Escape to Congo

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       Posted: 23 February, 2021
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Congo also called Republic of Congo or Congo-Brazzaville is a country where tourism is still very little developed. The lack of infrastructure or the lack of asphalt or poor road is also for a lot. In 1990 the civil war caused great disorder and tore the country apart, which also did not contribute to the tourist development of the country.

The Congo, however, has nothing to envy other countries as its natural resources and ecological heritage are great. These high places beg to be highlighted. À start with the sumptuous Congo River. The country can be visited in many places by canoe because the network of rivers is so dense. The only name of this river has made a whole generation of adventurers dream. You can also relax and bask on one of the beaches on the Atlantic coast near Pointe-Noire or even go surfing.

If there is no lack of natural resources to visit the country, there are just as many activities in Brazzaville, the capital. The Brazzaville market is very large and you can spend hours looking for masks, sumptuous fabrics or even fine leather goods. It is thanks to this market that the Congo saw the birth of the SAPE movement (Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People) and its dandies, these colorful men.


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