Les avantages et inconvénients d'une montre en bois

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      Posted: January 29, 2021
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Wooden watches have experienced a huge craze in recent years. Indeed, wooden watches have conquered the world of fashion and now display the windows of jewelry stores and store counters.

First known as a wall clock as an interior decoration, these have been able to adapt to current technologies and are now enthroned on the wrists of many people. And with good reason.

It is true that the wooden watch has countless advantages that make these wooden watches an indispensable fashion accessory nowadays. Be careful though, even if these seem to be the ideal accessory, they also have their limits and therefore not suitable for all people.

The wooden watch: its origins and evolution

FL Watch  Official ®| Wooden watch | Wooden clock

As stated in the introduction, wooden watchmaking is not new. The first models first saw the light of day through pendulums or wall clocks very often displayed and hung in his living room, kitchen or even his bedroom. Objects, useful at first, clocks and clocks have quickly conquered the heart of their holder by their design and their incredible ease in embellishing the premises. We therefore quickly understood that this could make a fashion accessory that would become a must.

The watch therefore saw the light of day soon after in all forms of variation that we know today; Quartz movement, Mechanical movement, Square, Round, ... First in steel, metal and today in wood.

The wooden watch is a huge success. It is still difficult to choose between an ordinary watch and a wooden watch. Despite everything, this one knew how to conquer more than one. Watch lovers as well as top models from major brands and even the stars.

The wooden watch has in fact found its place with the general public and is now offered by the biggest brands of watchmaking and fashion accessories. It is therefore no longer difficult to obtain it.

And with good reason, the wooden watch has conquered the market with its countless advantages. Despite everything, this one has some drawbacks and it is essential to know them to be sure of your choice. We will therefore see together its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a wooden watch

The wooden watch is more and more widespread in the market and delighted more and more consumers. This is largely due to its quality and its countless variations. Wood has always been seen as a noble material. And with good reason, because the quality of the finish and its authenticity give consumers a feeling of exclusivity.

Natural and original

As wood is a natural material, it is also an easy material to work and carve. It is therefore very easy to give it a sophisticated and modern feel as well as a unique design that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, it is much easier to find a wooden watch that will match your style and outfits.

The wooden watch stands out on several points:

  • First the species of wood used: Indeed, there are many different species and each of them has different colors, texture and grain.
  • Then its shape: As wood is easy to sculpt, you will find many more different shapes with a wooden watch than with a traditional watch.
  • Its different movements also: Their case can accommodate all types of movement. Both the Quartz movement which will be suitable for daily use and the mechanical movement which will make us admire its beauty and which will also conquer fans of fine watchmaking.
  • And finally its almost infinite customization: You can create and imagine anything that comes to your mind (or almost). You can customize your wooden watch as much as possible and as much as you want. Something that is not always feasible or not at all on some traditional watches.

Wood is also the only material that, if properly maintained, ages the best. Indeed, the vinage of wood over time makes the appearance of your watch even more elegant than at its beginnings.

Good for the skin

The wooden watch, due to its natural material, is also the only accessory that will not harm your skin and moreover your body. No more allergies or reactions related to metal treated with dyes, alcohol or other chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Environmentally friendly

No more accessories made from chemicals and packaged and stored in plastic boxes. And yes, the wooden watch is also an example of the compatibility between fashion, one of the most polluting fields in the world, and ecology. Indeed it is made only from natural materials. It can therefore be recycled without waste. In addition, a reforestation policy is in place for each watch sold. Thus each company, store or brand must replant for each watch sold. And it also allows you to participate in this reforestation and to leave your mark on the ecosystem. In the correct meaning of the term.

Very comfortable

The wooden watch is also very light due to the low density of wood compared to metal. It will therefore not hinder you in your daily movements. You'll almost forget it's still on your wrist. On top of that, you will no longer have to worry about any traces or odors that steel would have had on contact with your skin and sweat.

So these are the main advantages that a wooden watch can bring you. Of course there are others that you will be able to appreciate and observe on a daily basis when you wear it.

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Despite its many advantages, the wooden watch has its limits and is therefore not suitable for everyone. We will see why.

The disadvantages of a wooden watch

First of all, wooden watches with mechanical movements, whether manual or automatic, do not tolerate sudden or violent movements very well. They cannot therefore be worn by very lively and restless people on a daily basis or by athletes.

The wooden watch, even if it is treated against water, cannot withstand being exposed for too long underwater. The wood is not waterproof, the mechanism can quickly go wrong or stop working. Wooden watches are therefore not suitable for water activities either.

The temperature too. As wood is very sensitive to too sudden a change in temperature, it is therefore not advisable to go on vacation to the mountains and, conversely, to an island with your wooden watch. Otherwise, the wood could burst, crack or break and this could deform or break your wooden watch permanently.

Likewise, wood could suffer the same damage if it was not humidified enough (be careful, humidified does not mean immersed in water). Indeed, the wood is constantly moving and if it were to dry out it could crack and break. It is therefore important to wear it regularly so that the wood moistens on contact with your skin or to maintain it regularly if you leave it too often in the closet.

In addition, it is also advisable to maintain it regularly, even if you wear it, so that the wood keeps all its shine and its robustness. You will find in this article tips and tricks for properly maintain your wooden watch .

Finally, the wooden watch is much less resistant than a steel or metal watch. In fact, even a minor blow sometimes can cause irreparable damage or even break your watch. It is therefore important to pay attention to each handling or manipulation.

I hope you liked this article and that it was able to enlighten you and guide you on your choice.

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