The wooden bracelet: Why and how to wear it!

FL Watch Officiel ®| Wooden bracelet | Aconit - Zebrawood
      Posted: September 14, 2021
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Since the dawn of time, Man has designed ornaments and original accessories of all kinds. Whether it is a sign of belonging to a clan, religious symbols or even coquetry, ... Man has always loved jewelry ! Whatever materials are used to make a Bracelet (Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nylon, Leather, Stainless steel , Stone or < strong> Wood ), it through the ages to become the essential accessory on our wrist and our wardrobe.

It is high time to go back to basics, with Wooden Bracelets handmade in France .

Back to Wooden Bracelet , a trendy unisex accessory, original and pleasant to wear and which will match all styles.

A unique and essential accessory

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden Bracelet | Elegancia - Ebony and Carbon Wood

Elegancia - Ebony Wood and Carbon

Wood is a material that can be shaped at will. Natural, sculpted, polished or even painted, Wood is ideal for working and gives free rein to the imagination of our craftsmen. Wood is also a material that is both flexible and robust, ideal for making Unique and original wooden bracelets.

With our Wooden Bracelets , you will find several wood species such as Ebony, Walnut, Maple, Zebra, Sandalwood or the Bamboo . They will also often be associated with other natural materials such as stone, marble or even stainless steel . In this way, each of our confections and our creations is unique and authentic, because none of them are the same or similar to any other, so you are sure to find the Wooden Bracelet that suits you.

A hypoallergenic and comfortable bracelet

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden Bracelet | Fuerte - Oak Wood

Fuerte - Oak Wood

Wear a Wooden Bracelet is much more advisable if you have fragile skin or skin reactive to chemical materials such as leather, plastic or low-end metal. accessories made from natural materials such as wood. Our Bracelets , as well as our Wooden Watch does not cause any allergic reaction.

The second advantage of wood is that it is very light, which makes our Wooden Bracelets very comfortable to wear all day long. This is also the case with our Wooden Watches for Women and our Men's Wooden Watches.


Finally, the Wooden Bracelet is also an accessory that requires little maintenance. Unlike other materials which can rust, ooze or deteriorate, wood keeps its structure and appearance intact. Only a light maintenance is necessary to keep its shine (See article: The wooden watch: How to maintain it well ). Wood is a durable material which will give your Wooden Bracelet an exceptional lifespan.

Why wear a Wooden Bracelet?

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden Bracelet | Elegancia - Sandalwood

Elegancia - Sandalwood

Very pretty and very aesthetic, the Wooden Bracelet is suitable for any occasion. Whether you prefer a suit and tie, jogging, dress or even a Blazer, the FL Watch Wood Bracelet will match each of your outfits and accompany you wherever you go. Our Bracelets for Men and Women will further embellish your outfits to ensure your style and assert your character. With such accessories, you will stand out for sure.

In addition, natural materials are known and recognized for their virtue and benefit. And yes, each tree species has its own virtue. Find the essence that suits you the most and make its benefits your own.

For example, Ebony is very often associated with sturdiness , purity, protection and luck.

The Oak meanwhile, rather symbolizes strength, wisdom and longevity .

The Cedar symbolizes zenitude and freshness .

Whatever your character, wear our Wooden Bracelet and our Wooden Watch and reconnect with nature.


I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helped you understand the benefits of wearing a Wooden Bracelet.

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