How to choose the right wooden watch?

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      Posted: December 29, 2020
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Because nowadays, the watch is no longer content to tell the time. Indeed, very often we look at it on our cell phone despite the fact that we wear a watch, but it has found a place in its own right as a fashion accessory and has become a essential when it comes to perfecting your dress style.

Whether for men or women, the popularity rating of wooden watches continues to climb, and rightly so, because their design is unique and new and that wood has remained a noble and natural material for centuries.

Nevertheless, making the right choice among all these wooden watches remains a difficult and perilous course. Not to make a mistake of taste is not easy. We are therefore going to see together what are the different dials, the different woods, the different sizes of wooden watches, giving you each time for which style and which personality, this one will match the best.

Here is how to choose the rightwooden watch.

The different Mechanisms:


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There are, with us, two types of movement: the so-called "Quartz" movement and the "Mechanical" movement which can be Automatic or Manual. So what is the difference between these two movements apart from their mechanisms? We will see that right away.

The Mechanical movement:

The energy for this movement is provided by a spring wound in a barrel and therefore does not need a battery to operate.
To operate the mechanism, the spring must be tensioned by the wearer of the watch.

This gesture called "Reassembly" can be carried out in two ways:
Either Automatically, that is to say that the movements of the wrist are sufficient to actuate a rotor which tightens the spring. Manual intervention is therefore not necessary.
Conversely, the manual mechanical movement requests its wearer to turn the spring rotor by hand.

This mechanism is very appreciated by watchmaking enthusiasts because its unique design gives a glimpse of its "Clothing" (parts which constitute the mechanical part) and it is above all the first mechanism invented and developed allowing the operation of watches which emerged in the 15th century.


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As we mentioned just above and as you can see, the mechanical watch gives a glimpse of its dial. This is often transparent throughout.
This is precisely what makes its charm and elegance and what attracts watchmaking enthusiasts. To be able to contemplate the cogs adjusted to perfection and to see the hands turning gracefully. Beauty in the rough is embodied in these designs. And that's exactly what we like.

These watches are therefore mostly worn by watch enthusiasts or businessmen because this complex and unique mechanism comes at a cost. It is much more expensive than a simple "Quartz" watch. It is also more fragile and sensitive to shocks. It is therefore important to handle and wear it with great care so that it lasts you over time.


The Quartz movement:

This movement, unlike the Mechanical movement, works with the energy of a battery. Unlike the Mechanical movement where the spring can lose its tension with age, the Quartz movement always keeps the same energy while the battery is working. You just have to change it once a year (pretty much) and you're good to go.

The Quartz movement is also much more widespread. Indeed this mechanism costs much less than a mechanical mechanism, it is less fragile and requires less maintenance.

This movement is made possible by a Quartz crystal which vibrates continuously thanks to an electrical impulse emitted by the battery. This movement is said to be electronic. The first Quartz watch model on the market saw the light of day in 1969, so well after the first watches with mechanical movements.

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As you will have understood, Quartz watches are much more common than Mechanical watches because of their much lower price, their much lower maintenance and their longevity.

If you prefer an authentic and unique watch, with a mechanism that comes to life before your eyes and you are ready to spend a little money to please yourself, the Mechanical watch is ideal and made for you!

If, conversely, you prefer a more affordable watch, requiring little maintenance and usable on a daily basis because it is more precise, the Quartz watch will meet your expectations much better!

Your choice is made and you have decided to indulge yourself?
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Sizes and shapes of your wooden watch:

Now that you've chosen the mechanism that best suits you, it's time to move on to the size and shape of your wooden watch.

Size :
It is important to choose the right size for your watch. Firstly for a question of style but above all for a question of comfort.
In general, always keep in mind that the case of your watch (Strap attachment) should never go beyond your wrist. Also note that, under normal circumstances, the bigger and wider your watch is, the heavier it is (that goes without saying).
Everything lies in the fact of wearing a wooden watch, wood being a material lighter than steel, the choice of the size of your watch will be made above all by its style. Because, in fact, comfort will always be present.


As for the size of your wooden watch strap, you should be able to fit a finger between the dial or strap and your wrist. Small exception for sports watches which, when to they must be slightly tighter in order to avoid that they do not stop moving when you run.

The form :

Here, only two choices are available to you. A rather traditional and commonly used dial; The Round or Oval Dial.
Or if you prefer a rather original and unique dial, opt more for a Square or Rectangle Dial.

For Round or Oval dials, we advise you to stand out more on the choice of wood and the style of the watch. Only these two points will make the difference on this style of watch.

For Square or Rectangular dials, you have less to worry about finding a unique watch that stands out. This type of dial is already original and unusual. However, do not neglect the choice of material. Pick one that best matches your look and style. The originality of the dial will do the rest.

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The interview:

Wood offers many advantages in terms of novelty in the field of fashion. However, it is also a living natural material which does not stop moving and which ages. All of our wooden watches are treated, however it is important to continually maintain them so that they can maintain their natural shine throughout their life. For this we advise you to read our article: The wooden watch: How to properly maintain it ?

A healthy and natural material:

The jewelry is made of all materials: Steel, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Leather, Wood, ...

They are also in direct contact with the skin and many of these materials are allergenic. The wood is completely natural. It is ideal and very comfortable. A significant advantage for very sensitive people.

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We were able to see together the points on which you should pay particular attention when choosing your wooden watch.

We hope that our advice has helped you and will allow you to select the watch of your dreams.

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