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    50 artículos


    FL Watch offers you a large Men's Wooden Watch Collection suitable for all styles. Every detail of our Wooden Watches , from the Bracelet to the dial through the Mechanism , has been carefully designed by our designers and meticulously Handcrafted by our experts French Craftsmen to offer you a natural setting around the wrist through a Unique Piece that looks like you. Opt for a Wooden Watch FL Watch and attract all eyes by making speak your authenticity. Whatever you are looking for, there will always be aWood Watch FL Watch that suits you, then take your pick.


    The advantage of a Wooden Bracelet over a Wooden Watch is above all its lightness and its robustness . It is both very comfortable to wear on the wrist and soft to the touch. In addition, its originality gives it an atypical character that no other watch has. The Wooden Bracelet can also be accompanied by a stainless steel structure for some models. An aesthetic choice that our designers have succeeded perfectly.

    The second advantage, and not the least, the Wooden Bracelet has the advantage of being Hypoallergenic since it is completely natural. It does not contain any agent or chemical. So you don't take any risk wearing your watch all day. It can be in contact with your skin without you worrying about a possible allergy or reaction.

    Finally the Wooden Bracelet is easily adjustable thanks to an adjustment kit that we provide you with free of charge with each of our models and to a system of links which allows you to remove / add one or more stitches by yourself or in a jewelry store. It therefore adapts perfectly to any type of wrist.


    The Wooden Watch has the particularity of matching perfectly with a Leather strap. This association has the advantage of being discreet, classic and minimalist. This style of watch is rather reserved for men with a chic, sober and traditional style. And to meet your requirements, these bracelets are available in several colors and matched to different types of wood. You can wear this watch on all occasions . Opt for a leather strap for your Wooden Watch and think outside the box by asserting your style.


    The quality of our products is a priority at FL Watch. Each of our Men's Wooden Watch has been meticulously crafted to achieve an unparalleled level of finish down to the smallest detail. From the case to the hands, including the mechanism or the bracelet, our Wooden Watches embody the know-how of our craftsmen to perfection. Their great experience in this field allows them to bring solidity and longevity to our watches, designed with originality, elegance and finesse by our designers.

    Our Luxury Watches are equipped with a Quartz Movement or a Mechanical Movement manual or automatic depending on the model. Some even have a Swiss Mechanism . All our Wooden Watches have a 24 month warranty . They have nothing to envy of the big brands as much for their personality as for their quality. They are true timeless jewels of watchmaking which reflect the latest trends and which will last over time.