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Manoir is intended to be the classicism of a new refined style. .

Cut and handcrafted, we have thought of a new shape of bow tie in order to revisit it in a new-look style at the same time sober and modern.

Matching an elegant clutch, Manoir will make you the new man of parties and other fashionable receptions.

This bow tie and its matching pouch , will match perfectly with your most chic costumes.

Your wooden set will be delivered to you in its wooden box made of bamboo with the logo "FL Watch" .

Discover other unique models that suit you from our wide choice of Bow tie in wood !

Dimension: +/- 12 cm L. and 5.5 cm H.

Material: Bamboo wood, Cotton and Polyester

Size: Adjustable

Adjustment: Elastic

Neck circumference: Elastic up to 50cm

Weight: +/- 20 Gram


Box contents:

- Wooden bow tie
< br> - Cufflinks

- Costume brooch

- Pocket square

- Storage box

All of our Wooden Bow Ties are adjustable and can be shortened or lengthened using the elastic strap of the neck strap.

Standard delivery: 10 to 12 working days

Standard delivery: 10 to 18 working days

Rest of the world:
Standard delivery: 15 to 25 working days
The delivery time may be extended for certain countries.
See delivery times specific for certain countries.

Return and guarantee:
At FL Watch you are completely satisfied or fully refunded . < br> You have 60 days from receipt of your package to return it to us if it does not meet your expectations.

All our products are guaranteed 24 months .
To find out the conditions for a warranty return, please refer to our " Refund Policy "!

Bamboo wood

Color and appearance:
Bamboo is actually grass and some hollow reeds species can reach 30 meters. The bamboo for our watches is created by gluing sanded bamboo strips and then machining the new bamboo "boards" into links and watch cases. Care should be taken when sanding, but bamboo is generally an easy product to work with.

Grain and texture:
Being a monocot of the grass family , bamboo has no sapwood / heartwood or growth ring. The texture is very uniform and varies from medium to fine depending on the density.

South Asia

In order to keep your Wooden Bow Tie clean and in good condition it is important to maintain from time to time.
To do this, we advise you to apply, using a cotton swab, a little olive oil and lemon juice dosed in equal proportions, which you take care to mix well before applying to the wood.
Then let everything dry quietly.
Avoid strong exposure to the sun and water (shower, bath, swimming pool, ...).

You can also use one of Our Bee Waxes . Very effective for giving a boost to all your wooden accessories. Apply with one of Our Microfiber Wipes to avoid any scratch on the wood.
< br> A dedicated article on, "How to properly maintain your Bow Tie" is presented to you on our Blog.

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